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“College Ministry” is a shortcut term we use to describe our programming for a wide variety of people. We chose it because “Ministry to 18-28 Year Olds—Some Here in the Church, Some Off in School, Some Out in the Marketplace” was a little too long for t-shirts. The acronym was shorter…but it turned out to be a bad word in German, so we couldn’t use it (not really).

We sit in the middle of a beautiful university campus (and we’re within 5 miles of 3 more campuses) so, our emphasis is on ministry to students—both undergrad and grad…but we work to diversify our offerings in order to serve a diverse age group that can often be ignored in the church.

So, if you’re 18-28, whether in school or out, we’ve got something for you!
  • Sundays if you’re looking for a church home.
  • Spark! if you’re looking for a weekly time with others 18-28.
  • The Table if you’re looking for a free meal and more.
  • Host Families if you’d like an intentional connection with a local family in the congregation.
  • Missions if you want to see what service opportunities we’re offering.
We hope to see you soon!


8:30 and 11:00am Traditional Worship

9:45-10:45am Sunday School for all ages

11:00am Contemporary Worship