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Youth Choir Special Events

Youth Choir Car Wash & Cook Out

The Youth Choir has an annual Car Wash and Cook Out that allows First and Calvary members and guests to support the Youth Choir Tour in the Spring.  Everyone has a blast and we are grateful for the enthusiasm and generousity from everyone who takes part!

Youth Choir Musicals and Special Productions 

Our faithful and talented First & Calvary Youth Choir offer music, scripture, skits and narrative as they lead in selected worship services throughout the year.

Ask Me About My Trip... 

The First and Calvary Youth Choir (and chaperones) have a wonderful adventure each Spring on the annual Youth Choir trip.  We continue to be thankful to parents and our church family for making this week possible.  The choir shares their music in churches, nursing homes, schools, special venues, and at unexpected locations (restaurants, tourist venues, etc) en route. Each day of our trip ends with a devotional time led by choir members.  We would love to have each of you hear our students discuss their faith journeys.  It is so inspiring!  As we travel back home, each choir member writes a note in the Youth Choir journal.

Here are a few excerpts from their comments:

  • "I loved this trip and I love this choir!" —a 6th grader
  • "I learned so much about myself, about God, and about others and I'm very thankful for that." —a 9th grader
  • "This trip has been life changing!" —a junior
  • "I feel so blessed to have been a part of this choir. I don't know where I'd be without it.  God bless this choir!" —a senior
  • "The fellowship that we've shared has changed me for the better. I can't wait until next year!" —a junior
  • "I love this family and the music that we make together!" —a junior
  • "I am so thankful for a church family where I feel accepted!" —a sophomore
  • "Youth Choir has taught me so much through the years about myself and has strengthened my faith." —a sophomore
  • "There are no words to describe the experiences and memories of a Youth Choir trip." —an 8th grader
  • "I've bonded with my Youth Choir and strengthened my faith in God." —an 8th grader
  • "I've been in America for only five months and in the Youth Choir for three months.  I'm totally moved and inspired by the group!" —a sophomore
Our Youth Choir is well led by our graduating seniors.  On the last day of the trip our choir includes a special "Senior Send-Off", in which the choir members lay hands on the seniors as we pray for their future and their faith.  They are tremendous mentors and role models for our younger youth and we know they will continue to be wonderful leaders and share their faith as they move into new chapters in their lives.

THANK YOU, FIRST & CALVARY for your strong support of these young people.  You are building up God's Kingdom!

Joyfully, Sheila



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