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Who is God? Also: who is handling his PR?

Because sometimes He seems awesome, but sometimes He seems like a jerk…and a whole lot of the time we don’t hear anything about Him at all.

What is the church? Also: Am I it? Are you?

Then why is it so awful sometimes? But also sometimes just the loveliest. How is that a thing?

Pound for pound, which is more fearsome – a wolverine or a hippo? Also: what?

Oh, and what is FnC?

FnC is our Tuesday night gathering for college-aged folks. It happens at 8pm in the Student Lounge. On any given Tuesday, you’ll find us here hanging out on couches, eating tasty treats, playing a little music—and wrestling with questions like the ones above (yes, even wolverine v hippo). We love conversation at FnC. We love questions. We believe that curiosity is holy—and an essential pathway to growing up into the people God meant for us to be. We find that coming up with satisfying answers to these questions requires a few key elements:
  • Freedom—to ask whatever’s sparking our curiosity. To admit we don’t know everything. To disagree.
  • Community—to be talking over things that matter to us with people who matter to us – and whom we matter to. We believe that we are greater than the sum of our parts, and that God is most revealing of Himself when we are gathered together…that on any given night you might have the best insight in the room, or I might, or we might get there together.
  • Fun—because, let’s face it, wrestling with these questions can be tough stuff. Tense. Scary. Not what we’re used to. But laughing a bit from time to time helps us all take a breath. It helps us make space for each other, and for God.
So, we work to make sure these elements are in place every Tuesday night as we gather together for prayer, worship and discussion.

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