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We’re a church that sits right in the middle of a university campus, so we love to have students worship with us! One of our strengths as a church family is how intergenerational we are. We value and work to nurture involvement from all age groups. What else might you like to know about us?

What are your Sunday services like?

We have two “traditional” services (at 8:30 and 11:00 in our sanctuary). Traditional for us means you’re likely to do most of your singing from a hymnal with a choir. We also have an amazing pipe organ. Seriously. It’s not your grandma’s organ. This service also incorporates elements from our Presbyterian history (our “traditions”)—including responsive readings, congregational confessions etc. (often called “liturgy). Though the service is traditional, the dress is still Sunday casual (so feel free to wear your jeans, but probably not your pajamas). You’ll find most of the other “traditional” college-aged folk in the 11:00 service (hello early mornings!).

We also host a “contemporary” service (at 11:00 in our MPR). Contemporary for us means music with a band (drums, guitars, mandolins, low whistles, brass…each week there’s just a little something different). This service is less likely to incorporate any formal sorts of liturgy. It’s also Sunday casual in terms of dress. Many of our members under 30 participate in this service, but you’ll find very intergenerational crowds at all three services. You can read more about our Sunday worship experience here.

What are my membership options here? Especially if I still have a home church?

You can participate with us in three ways:

  • As a non-member. We welcome your regular involvement in our church! No formal membership is required for the vast majority of experiences at First & Calvary (everything from programs to communion). So keep on coming even if formal membership doesn’t feel right for you.
  • As an affiliate member. You can have a form of membership here, while maintaining your membership at your home church. If you’d like more information, or to pursue this membership, read more about the New Connections class here.
  • As a full member. You may want to consider a full membership in the church if you come to see First & Calvary as your church home. A full membership doesn’t require a certain time frame – so even if you’re only in Springfield for the duration of your degree, we would love to have you join us! If you’d like more information, or to pursue this membership, read more about the New Connections class here.
Email us for more information. We want to get to know you, so come visit soon!


8:30 and 11:00am Traditional Worship

9:45-10:45am Sunday School for all ages

11:00am Contemporary Worship