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Adult Sunday School

All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness. Tim. 3:16


The Adult Sunday school classes at First & Calvary offer adults of all ages the opportunity to grow in their faith and strengthen their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Sunday school classes are both educational and pastoral in nature. We “equip the saints for the work of the ministry” by providing a wide variety of curriculum and bible study. The curriculum is Christ-centered, scripturally based, and consistent with reformed theology. Sunday school classes meet from 9:45-10:45 am.

Below is a list of the classes we offer:

Practices Class [Room 114]

Looking for a small group discussion focusing on Bible study and spiritual discipline? Then, this class is for you!

Contact – Diana Reed
417.893.1017 (H)

Forty-Niners Class [Room 115]

A gregarious group of mostly retired “young-at- heart” individuals who enjoy learning through a variety of teaching methods and topics. They are know for their caring for one another and great times of fellowship.

Contact – Larry & Mona Niewald
417.887.6898 (H)
417.268.8804 (C)

Hardin Class [Room 116]

This class is comprised of members with the most life experience! The class uses the Presbyterian curriculum, “The Present Word”.

Contact – Jerry Scott
417.881.4502 (H)
417.300.4762 (C)

Branches Class [Room 014]

This is our newest small group Bible study class for young adults. We welcome singles and young married adults alike. Come, and get involved—help set the dynamics that will make this group an exciting place to study scripture, explore current events and faith issues while making new friends!

Contact – Ben & Bethany McDonald
417.429.3330 (H)

March Fellowship Class [Room 015]

Fun! Innovative! Never a dull moment! These words describe this group of adults who creatively explore Scripture and how it applies to everyday life.

Contact – Phill & Barb Burgess
417.894.6392 (C - Phill)
615.417.4336 (C - Barb)

Crossways Class [Room 016]

This class is geared towards young families with elementary school children. Lots of opportunity for fellowship with others who want to study the Bible and how it applies to everyday life.

Contact – Sam & Stephanie Holliday
417.987.8470 (C - Stephanie)
417.773.1003 (C - Sam)


Little-Bacon Class [Room 020]

Class members are primarily “empty-nesters” who have a zest for life and love for one another. Class members facilitate, using both Bible study and current issues.

Contact – Dave & Sarah Muegge
417.882.2471 (H)


McClung Class [Room 026]

This class is composed of seasoned Christians who are enjoying life in retirement, while others are gainfully employed. Teaching is lecture style and the curriculum varies.

Contact – Ted Smith & Faye Sturhahn Smith
417.882.1519 (H)
417.838.1708 (C - Ted)
417.840.2898 (C - Faye)

If you have need of further assistance, please call 862-5068 or contact

Terri Blackmon,
CE Director/Adult Ministries


8:30 and 11:00am Traditional Worship

9:45-10:45am Sunday School for all ages

11:00am Contemporary Worship