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Meet Our Missionaries

We are blessed with many dedicated missionaries.

First and foremost are the members of First & Calvary Presbyterian Church who serve as local “missionaries” in our community

First & Calvary supports long-term missionaries, ordinarily based in other countries. In addition to the financial support our congregation provides to missionaries, you also can provide support by:
  • writing a card, letter or e-mail. Include family and church news (missionaries like to have a taste of home!).
  • sending a birthday card and/or gift -reading missionary newsletters (contact the missionary directly to be included on their newsletter distribution) and praying.
  • becoming an advocate for their mission work within Covenant.
  • helping to create fellowship for the missionaries in the field or while on home visits.
  • helping to determine resources needed in the field and helping to equip the missionaries.
To learn more about First & Calvary’s dedicated missionaries, click on a name below.

Leslie and Cynthia Morgan

Since 1989, Drs. Les and Cynthia Morgan have been serving as medical missionaries in Bangladesh. They have served in hospitals and run village clinics and worked to control the spread of infectious diseases. They carry out a healing ministry that proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ in a country with the fourth largest Muslim population in the world. They live and work in Dhaka where they strive to improve its 14 medical clinics and minister to its slum-dwellers as they serve as advisors for the Church of Bangladesh health ministries. They proclaim the goodness and love of the One who suffers with us to those who are suffering. Download their Prayer Card

Contact Information for the Morgans: 

10 Hare Street, Flat B-2
Wari, Dhaka 1203

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Latest Newsletter

S. and B.

(names not used for security purposes)

S. and B. and their children, have returned to Central Asia following a time in the U.S.A. for S. to complete a seminary degree. They have reunited with old friends from their former service and have jumped into their ministry through the International Church as they serve in the community. B.’s teaching skills are in high demand and S. seeks to balance the diverse theological traditions represented in the congregation and to be an encouragement to expats and locals who serve and share the gospel in a predominately Muslim context. S. and his family have visited First & Calvary twice in recent years to personally share their ministry with us. Please contact the church office for more detailed information or a recent newsletter from S. and B.


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