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Worship Through Art

Visual Arts play an important part in the spirituality of First & Calvary. Our church campus is enhanced by beautiful artwork in various mediums.

You will want to take the time to explore these special artworks:
  • The Mosaic of St. Paul (Sanctuary)
  • The Tapestry of Jesus’ Life and Ministry (Sanctuary)
  • The Stained Glass (Sanctuary, Chapel, History Room, Northeast entrance, and Room 021)
The First & Calvary Art Committee works as a sub-committee of Worship, Music & Art. They encourage others to share their gifts of visual arts at special events that are held annually.

If you have gifts to share in the arts and would like to serve on this committee, please contact Sheila Grisham Pippin.

Encounters with Jesus: Scripture in Stained Glass

This stunning project in room 021 features 16 beautiful panels of stained glass, including scripture references, depicting Jesus' encounters with ordinary people. This project was inspired by two Presbyterian Women's Bible Studies: "Encounters with Jesus: The Gospel according to Matthew" by Sara Covin Juengst; and "Women and the Word: Studies in the Gospel of John" by Frances Taylor Gench."

Designer Carol Minton served on the building committee for the addition to First & Calvary and felt that this would be a spiritual enhancement of God's structure.

The panels are designed to match the beautiful stained glass art in the First & Calvary sanctuary. Each panel features a painted glass shiled with a symbol to match the scripture pasage. The scripture reference has been sandblased in flashed glass just below the shield.

The stained glass work was produced by Mike Hembree and the staff of Merry Go Round Stained Glass Center in Springfield. Special framing is used to connect two panels on each window and to install them into the existing window frames.

Panel 1:   Shepherd's Encounter [Luke 2:8-20]
Panel 2:   Magi Encounter [Matthew 2:1-12]
Panel 3:   Teacher's Encounter [Luke 2:41-51]
Panel 4:   John the Baptist Encounter [Matthew 3:13-17]
Panel 5:   Fisherman Encounter [Matthew 4:18-22]
Panel 6:   Matthew's Enounter [Matthew 9:9-13]
Panel 7:   Nicodemus Encounter [John 3:1-21]
Panel 8:   Sick Woman Encounter [Mark 5:25-34]
Panel 9:   Zacchaeus Encounter [Luke 19:1-10]
Panel 10: Woman at the Well [John 4:1-42]
Panel 11: Invalid Encounter [John 5:1-15]
Panel 12: Thief Encounter [Luke 23:32-43]
Panel 13: Mary Encounter [John 20:10-18]
Panel 14: Emmaus Encounter [Luke 24:13-35]
Panel 15: Peter Encounter [John 21:7-19]
Panel 16: Saul/Paul Encounter [Acts 9:1-20]

Encounters with Jesus

We are inspired by the stories of ordinary people who, in the midst of their ordinary days, met Jesus. While watching over livestock, fetching water, fishing, sharing a meal, or traveling along a road, these ordinary activities became inexplicably extraordinary because of Jesus.

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