Offering Gifts

Paula D. - Art, drawing, making books, knitting and teaching to bake.
Kelle R. - Writing, video editing, graphic design.
Chip S. - Working with children.
Art F. - Cooking, office work, storytelling.
Judith G. - Writing, painting, baking, and producing talent shows.
Jessica K. - Playing the flute, singing, speaking in front of a group, leading a group or athletics.
Tracey B. - Singing and anything creative.
Neil S. - Sunday School planning and ushering.
Tiffany R. - Behind the scenes prayer.
Don E. - Would like to donate his juggling skills and Spanish translation.
Lisa S. - Can donate her linguistic skills in Cantonese, Mandarin, and Spanish. Can also teach numerous instruments.
Julie M. - Assist in the library. Teaching iphone technology to seniors.
Robin J. - Assist anyone with writing and/or baking.
Fatemeh T. - Teaching English to speakers of other languages. Cooking Iranian food.
Chuck R. - Usher and/or Liturgist.
John K. - Painting (not art), wood work, light welding, cabinet repair, helping with multimedia when Brian is off.
David H. - Usher and/or Liturgist.
Pam C.. - Usher and/or Liturgist.

Seeking Gifts

March Fellowship Class seeks someone to maintain an email contact list and send weekly class updates as well as update the Facebook group. The estimated time is 15-20 minutes mid-week. Contact Brenda Bauer at 417-343-7935.
Children's Ministry Committee seeks someone to be a greeter (check-in/check-out kids) during Sunday School on Sundays from 9:40 am to 10:45 am. Contact Lisa Smith at
Children's Ministry Committee seeks someone to be a secondary assistant to the primary Sunday School Teacher Team on Sundays from 9:40 am to 10:45 am. Contact List Smith at