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The Gift Exchange

Here at First and Calvary, we seek to use our God-given gifts to glorify the Lord. One way we aim to do that is by utilizing what we call "The Gift Exchange."  You can see some examples of gifts we are seeking and you can also complete the Offering Gifts Form to share gifts you would like to use for the church and God's Kingdom. For more on this topic, check out our Pastor, Don Evert's book, Discover  Your Gifts at our library or where books are sold.


Here are examples of gifts that people have offered...

Courtney P.  - Organizing and helping with women's events and bible studies. Baking and cooking.

Kelle R. - Writing, video editing, graphic design.

Chip S. - Working with children.

Judith G. - Writing, painting, baking, and producing talent shows.

Art F. - Cooking, office work, storytelling.

Tracey B. - Singing and anything creative.

Don E. - Would like to donate his juggling skills and Spanish translation.

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The Community Life Committee provides food for services and special events at F&C. They seek a replacement for outgoing  Chairperson Mary Byrne. The position requires the individual to identify 7 to 10 covenant partners to serve on the committee, lead the committee in developing the annual calendar of events, review past CLC reports to session describing activities including recommendations for changes in next year's event, arrange the purchase of donuts for weekly coffee service, organize committee meetings to prepare and execute planned events, purchase materials for events and submit reimbursement requests, collaborate with the session liaison as needed, submit post-event reports for session packets and attend the board meeting. 



March Fellowship Class seeks someone to maintain an email contact list and send weekly class updates as well as update the Facebook group. The estimated time is 15-20 minutes mid-week. Contact Brenda Bauer.



Building and Grounds Committee seeks someone to be a part of the Handyman Service Group. Seeking volunteers to help with minor repair projects around the church or- painting, working on things such as bookshelves, drywall, hanging hooks, fixing a leaking faucet, fixing or hanging window blinds, etc. One or two people can handle most repairs. A group effort would benefit other projects, like painting a room. Some projects will require carpentry skills. Contact Steve Young for more information at 417-862-5068 or



Building and Grounds Committee seeks someone to join the Garden Care Service Group. Volunteers needed to care for the plants - weeding, trimming, fertilizing, mulching, spring cleanup, watering, etc. Contact Alice Yancey at or 417-869-1140.

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