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What is the Centennial Legacy Campaign?


The First & Calvary Centennial Legacy Campaign is a unique opportunity to pass the baton of the Christian faith on to the next generation through a special legacy gift for the First & Calvary Foundation. A successful campaign will help ensure our church is here in the heart of Springfield for generations to come by:

Operating Costs

Greater Generosity

Investing in
Young Leaders

Growing Our Ministries

Funding Christian Missions

(Click each photo to learn more about the huge impact this campaign can have.)


What is the First & Calvary Foundation?


Seventy years ago, the First and Calvary Foundation was established “to strengthen the mission and ministry of First & Calvary Presbyterian Church by receiving, developing, managing and distributing financial resources for the benefit of the Church.”  


Since 1954, the Foundation has provided strategic and timely funding to further the mission of our church. This funding has helped the church:

  • kickstart several ministries in Springfield (like the Regional Girls’ Shelter and Crosslines Resource Center)

  • plant a brand new church in Springfield (Covenant Presbyterian Church)

  • develop and improve our award-winning facility (including new sanctuary steps and an elevator)

In 2020, the Foundation made a significant move: they stipulated that every year going forward 4% of the assets of the Foundation’s Church Fund would be distributed to the church. This new 4% annual distribution created an infinite waterfall of funding for the ministry of the church and currently equates to 15% of the church’s annual revenue.

How can we secure an enduring legacy?


A successful legacy campaign would increase the Foundation’s assets from $4.5 million to upwards of $25 million by our centennial birthday in 2030. This would increase the 4% distribution of funds from $176,000 annually to upwards of

$1 million a year in perpetuity!


There are five ways that you can be a part of the Centennial Legacy Campaign:

(Click each option above to learn more about giving options.)

How are we celebrating campaign success?

Since 1954, the First & Calvary Foundation has strengthened the mission and ministry of First & Calvary Presbyterian Church. The Foundation was established with a single bequest of $15,000 and has continued to grow thanks to the generosity of First & Calvary members. (Members like Mayme K. Withall, who in 1955 left an estate gift of over $100,000 – the equivalent of over $1.1 million today!) The Foundation has benefited from large gifts and bequests as well as many faithful smaller gifts over the years. Each of these generous gifts over the years have continued to compound and grow, allowing the Foundation to make a huge difference in the church’s mission.


We have established naming opportunities and will establish a permanent and public record to celebrate every single person who has given to the Foundation. Together we can help grow the foundation in a significant way by our centennial year in 2030. Campaign success will allow us, by God’s grace, to end our first century with power and begin our second century with hope. In this way, we would be living into that great vision from Psalm 145:4a:

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