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Sunday Links

You can view this Sunday's bulletin for order of service, hymns, prayers, and notes. You can also view this week's Weekly Update to read all the latest information about classes, events, and more. To be added to the Weekly Update email list, please email

Reflection & Discussion Questions

The following questions are based on this Sunday's message. You can use these for personal reflection or discussion with friends, family, and/or small groups. Our Sunday Evening Service has a Dessert and Conversation time after the service that everyone is welcome to attend.

Reflection & Discussion Questions:

1. Why do you think David allowed one sin to turn into "a cascading series of horrible sins"?

2. Which lines in Psalm 51 do you think were hardest for David to write? Which lines stood out to you the most?

3. What are different barriers that keep people today from praying for mercy? What are your biggest barriers?

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