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Are you a Techy?

Is PowerPoint your guilty pleasure? If that describes you contact the media team right away. You could be running slides, operating cameras and playing with mics in no time at all.  Please sign-up here.

Mary Charpentier Wants YOU for the Office!

Yes, this is your opportunity to enter the exciting and glamorous world of office work.  All kidding aside, volunteers are needed to occasionally serve in the office answering phones and the door. Unlike most offices, we laugh, cry, and pray… sometimes all in the same day.   If you would like to help contact Mary Charpentier and we will welcome you with smiles, all the assistance you need to do the job, and an abundance of thank-yous. Contact her at


Our Nominating Committee Needs Your Help


Officer nominations are now open for 2024! Do you know a member of the church that you feel would make a fabulous Elder or Deacon for our church? Officers for our church must be nominated by those in the congregation – that’s you!


Elders are spiritual leaders charged with overseeing the health of the congregation and the faithful and wise pursuit of our mission and vision. Deacons are servant leaders who are charged with guiding and implementing various aspects of our care and congregational ministries. Feel free to consult the document “Leadership Competencies” on our denomination’s website ( for more information on the qualities to keep in mind when considering a nomination.


To nominate someone (including yourself) send an email to or return an Officer Nomination Form (to be found outside worship) via the offering plate or the secure drop box outside of the church office. Nominations will be accepted through October 3rd. 


Wanted...Helpers to Assist Youth and Children

Wanted, volunteers to assist youth and children during Sunday morning classes or at monthly outreach events. For more information contact Jamie Swope at ____________________________

Teachers and Teachers Assistants Please Apply

Seeking an individual who could assist in ministry to children on Sunday mornings or Sunday nights as a teacher or assistant. Contact Lisa Smith for more information at 

Desperately Seeking Greeters

Well, maybe not desperately, but we would really love your help as a greeter or usher on Sunday morning and Sunday evening.  For interest in greeting on Sunday mornings contact Tyler Heckman at For Sunday evening service contact Jamie Swope at

Looking for Leaders for Bible Study

Candidates to facilitate a Bible study or small group wanted! Training is available! Contact Pastor Jamie at

Here at First and Calvary Presbyterian Church we value serving others.

We hope the Help Wanted page helps facilitate you using your God-given gifts to serve others.

Do You Feel Called to Help Those Who Have Suffered Loss?

If you have a compassionate and gentle heart and you feel called to help those who have experienced a loss, please consider  serving with the Funeral Reception Ministry:

  • Greeting/Ushering

  • Helping Set-up for Funeral Receptions

  • Preparing and/or Serving Food to Families and Friends

  • Serving as a Monthly Hostess to the Ministry

To serve, Email Raynee Schweitzer at


Missions Committee is looking for 3 Good Men or Women to help man the parking lot on Sunday, October 22nd as Alabama is performing at the Great Southern Center. The parking lot funds go to Missions and further local, national, and international needs. You can rest assured that your volunteer work glorifies The Lord, who can multiply for the needs of others. Please contact the Missions Chair, Catherine Clippard at Thank You! 

Come Commune with Nature This Fall 

At the Fall Outdoor Work Day!


To keep First & Calvary’s grounds looking nice, we need a team of volunteers to help with the cleanup on Saturday, Sept. 30 - 9:00 am to noon (in case of rain - cancelled) 


Signup - via office at 417-862-5068 with your name and telephone number. 

Alice Yancey will oversee the event. 

All ages welcome - children accompanied by an adult. 


Work Projects will involve: 

  • spading up beds in the Prayer Garden area to prepare for some fall planting.  Will include the removal of 2 young tree roots and rocks. 

  • spreading mulch on existing beds around the church 

  • filling in some low areas of the lawn with dirt  

  • removing rocks, grass, & weeds from the base of some trees 

Tools Needed: 

  • spades 

  • shovels 

  • pitchfork (spreading mulch) 

  • rakes 

  • work gloves 

  • buckets - to spread dirt in low areas and for removing rocks  

  • 2-3 wheelbarrows 

If you don’t have any gardening tools, don’t let that deter you from participating.  The church has a variety of gardening tools.  Hope you can join us! 

 To place a Help Wanted ad for church-related opportunities to serve, please complete the Communication Request Form .

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