Sunday Morning Classes

First and Calvary has a longstanding history of providing a diverse and committed Sunday morning discipleship program. Our Sunday class hour offers both Christian education and an opportunity for Christian fellowship. This is a great way to get more connected to our church family and nurture your faith! You are welcome to attend any class. For questions, contact
All Sunday Morning Classes meet at 9:45am

The following topics are currently offered...

We See More Clearly Now: What Jesus Told Us About Being a Christian in this World.
 This four lesson series led by Charlie Lyons will provide an in depth look at what Jesus tells us about our Christian character in the Beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount. We will explore the contrast that exists between the world’s realm and God’s realm and how that impacts each of us as we follow Jesus. The resulting transformation in the way we express our Christian character in the world will be examined. The final lesson will unpack what Jesus’ “salt” and “light” references tell us about being a Christian witness to the world. The central Scriptures for this study will be from Matthew 5:3-9 and 13-16.. Hosted in the McClung Class (Room 026/Reception Room).

Gospel of Luke: From the Outside In
This study focuses on the Gospel of Luke, which is a stunning portrait of Jesus, the Son of God. Luke believes his book is the most important narrative we could ever read and invites his readers to witness His life, death, and resurrection and be transformed as a result. This is a book that presents the reader with an accurate account of Jesus but also a pathway to get to know Him personally. Click here to view the study.
Hosted in the March Fellowship Class (Room 015).

Paul's letter to the church in Ephesus contains much encouragement for godly living for believers today. Beginning Feb. 19 until April 23.
Hosted in the Little-Bacon Class (Room 020).

Proverbs and Psalms
Proverbs and PsalmsThis study looks at wisdom, the impact of words, and righteousness vs. wickedness in the proverbs. Starting in February, this class will be studying Psalms, songs of praise to God, our creator, sustainer, and redeemer. We are grateful to God for His concern, help, and mercy in times of trouble.
Hosted in the 49ers Class (Room 115).

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