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Meet F&C Scholar Cody Houghton

Cody Houghton is First & Calvary’s graphic design scholar. Cody has held this position for two years. While most of the other scholars’ work involves public performance, Cody works behind the scenes producing design content. Some of the work he does includes creating the covers for bulletins, designing the layout of The Review, and other smaller projects, like graphics for social media. 


Cody has been an artist since he was a kid. He was always hands-on with art, loving to draw and do crafts. He remembers going to Home Depot with his dad on the weekends and doing father-son woodworking projects.  


He didn’t initially want to create a career out of art, but after taking an aptitude test and ending up with graphic design as a career suggestion, he decided to pursue it further. He says, “I took a couple classes and fell in love with the process–just making things that I thought were cool.”  


Cody is a graphic design major at Missouri State University and will graduate this December. Cody’s ideal future would involve owning his own business or working as a creative director. He enjoys leading teams and seeing “people come together to make something.” 


Cody co-founded a marketing company while in college, giving him valuable leadership and design experience. He has two internships planned for the summer, one with a film copyright business and another with a company that does vehicle marketing. 


Graphic design, like all art forms, can be an expression of God. Cody says, “Knowing that God gave me the gift to create these things, and each week people see that … it’s really inspiring to know that God does work through me.” 

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